Our Core Value 

Customer Satisfaction
Our customers are the guiding light whose suggestions and feedback are the foundation upon which we design our products. Constant improvement in technology and strategy are the two core areas in which the Group makes constant efforts to improve.

Three Sixty Group was started in the year 2002 with the aim to provide high-quality products and services to its customers. The vision to keep up with global technological advancements in an employee-friendly environment, enables Three Sixty Group to thrive in the face of keen corporate competition.

Three Sixty Group is committed to its aim of business growth and diversification by making forays in various areas of products and services. Power, Agro and Packaging products form part of the Group’s core activities alongwith services in the form of business and legal consulting services. A global approach and commitment to quality of core-area projects assisted ably by efficient human resources helps to deliver the technological solutions to our customers 24x7.

Technical expertise and studied insights help us to maintain globally comparable levels of compliance and quality that match and evolve with the changing times and technology. We strive to maintain consistency and constantly improve and innovate through concerted research-oriented endeavours.

Valuing our manpower
We regard our staff as a “Group Family” and treat them with respect and dignity.

Quality is paramount
Quality is not a mere requirement. It is an attitude. Our passion for quality translates into a culture which prevails throughout the organization. We work on Advance Product Quality Planning. All activities are focussed on this point.

Management Team
People work best when there is a sense of ownership and collaborative effort. Our endeavour is to empower each individual to take his own decisions in his designated field so that each one may emerge both as a participative and inclusive figure in the Group’s growth.

As a Team, there is an emphasis on self-governance and the team helps to create a strong chain of workmanship. By unleashing employee creativity, responsibility and productivity, efforts are made to harness the positive qualities of the team members where each one takes pride . All team heads shoulder the responsibility of a performance – driven growth.